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"Data isnโ€™t units of information. Data is a story about human behavior - about real people's wants, needs, goals and fears. Never let the numbers, platforms, charts and methodologies cloud your vision. Our real job with data is to better understand these very human stories, so we can better serve these people. Every goal your business has is directly tied to your success in understanding and serving people." โ€” Daniel Burstein

Who we are

Not Your Average Digital Marketing Agency

GEMDOS is a digital marketing agency focusing on predictable results and tailored strategies. We use data science, marketing psychology, ethical hacking, and mathematics to go deeper than traditional marketing companies and discover untapped potential that leads to increased top-line earnings. We are card counters at the blackjack table. We make statistical moves that increase the probability of success.ย 

Meet the Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Chris Norman
Chris Norman

Founder/Data Nerd

La Rae Norman
La Rae Norman


Our Vision

Accelerate Business Success with GEMDOS Insight

At GEMDOS, we envision a world where growth is not just a goal but a guarantee for high net worth businesses seeking to expand their horizons. Leveraging our unique blend of mathematics, data analysis, ethical hacking, and psychological insights, we aim to provide precision-engineered digital marketing strategies that ensure predictable and exponential growth. Our expertise empowers your business, turning ambitions into achievements through measurable and sustainable success. With math and data we can remove risk from the table and achieve statistical advantages in marketing.
Our Mission

Guaranteeing Results, Eliminating Uncertainty for Elite Businesses

Our mission at GEMDOS is to redefine digital marketing for high net worth businesses by eliminating the risk traditionally associated with marketing investments. We believe in a strategic, data-driven approach where every dollar spent is an investment towards quantifiable success. Our commitment to result-based strategies means we bear the risk so you donโ€™t have toโ€”ensuring that your investment in us is not only safe but certain to yield substantial returns. With GEMDOS, your marketing efforts are transformed into profitable ventures, backed by our promise of performance or we pay you back the difference.